I am Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Exeter, and I am part of the Biomedical Engineering Research Group, and the Healthcare Technologies @ Exeter Research Network.

My main area of research focuses on developing and implementing novel methods to understand spinal injuries, degeneration, and treatments, including mechanobiology of the intervertebral disc, but I also work with orthopaedic groups in the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and in particular the Hip Unit, which is enabling new research that builds upon the legacy of the Exeter Hip replacement.

As well as biomedical engineering, I run. I started untrarunning in my mid-twenties because I wasn't sure if I could finish a race of 100 miles or more. After entering the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race in 2006, completely underestimating the challenge, and only reaching the mid-way checkpoint, I learnt a lot about what would be required to successfully complete challenges like that, and went away determined to finish the next year. I ran the Caesar's Camp 50 Miler and 75 mile VOTwo Jurassic Coast Oner as preparation races, and came back to win the 2007 Grand Union Canal Race. However, that led my perspective to change, and I became less focused on whether I could finish and more on how fast I could be, and the adventure and focus of pushing into the unknown was lost. So after only a couple of years doing it I stopped enjoying daily training, was putting unnecessary pressure on myself to perform in races, and felt burnt out. So I stopped.

It wasn't until my wife rowed across the Atlantic in 2018/2019 that a spark reignited, and I felt the need to find trails and races to run where I wasn't sure if I could make it to the finish, just like when I first started. It took a few years, but I have now got to the point where I am reasonably competitive, but always keep in mind that the adventure of discovering new trails, and understanding more about my limits, is more important than a race performance.

My photography focuses on isolation in the urban environment, edgelands, and the emotion and tension of the landscape, particularly due to the transformative effect of night, and the passage of time.